Good day, chances are that if you're viewing this guide now, that means you're new to the server, or you're a returning player looking to catch up with everything that's changed.

In any case, welcome to InfinityNest! Grab some drinks, a snack or something, there's quite a lot to read and take in.

We're currently in the middle of revamping new player progression, so this guide will be updated semi-frequently. Be sure to check back from time to time!

Hopefully this will help some new players to get a grasp of what InfinityNest looks and plays like, and we hope your stay will be a long one!

This is a rewritten guide by Recursive, on which the base was originally written by Ashtala.

Last updated on: July 4th, 2021.

From the Beginning...

Creating your Character

As tradition with every other Dragon Nest server out there, you will begin your journey by playing the basic tutorial.
Once you finish the tutorial, you will automatically be transported to Saint Haven, which is our main city.

Level Skipping

All characters start at Level 1, however, in your inventory there will be a [Lv. 80 Skip Potion], which upon using the item will boost your character straight to Lv.80. You don't have to waste your time on leveling and you can jump right into hunting your gears to become the strongest player in the game.

Item is as shown from Kelly's Shop.

For Returnee Players who have played on the server before the introduction of the Lv. 80 Skip Potion, it will not be available in your inventory by default.
You can head on over to [Kelly] and purchase the potion yourself for 10 Copper.

Starting Gear

As for items, fear not, as the system automatically creates your character with a Starter Pack, which contains items such as equipment, Dragon Jades, Heraldry, etc. in order to jump start your Lv.80 experience.

Note that you need to be Lv.80 in order to use the equipment and other items provided by the Starter Pack.

Some Pocket Change

One of those items include some [Otherworldly Fragments], which is your free pocket money. You can resell this item at any Merchant NPC for some sweet gold, which you will need to learn your skills. Besides, you don't want to start your experience empty handed right?

Specialising your Class

Now, you might be asking yourself: "Now that I'm Lv.80 and essentially skipped every other content, my class isn't specialised and the Main Questline isn't fixed yet. What can I do?"

Job Changer NPC

No worries. On InfinityNest, your job specialisations are just a few clicks away.
Since you are already in Saint Haven, head on over to where [Marketplace] area is, and look for an Archer respectively named [Job Changer].

By speaking with her, you can choose which specialisation you want. 

For example, if you started as a Warrior, you can either specialise into [Swordsman] or [Mercenary] as your First specialisation.
If you've chosen [Swordsman], then you have the option of either [Gladiator] or [Lunar Knight] as your Final specialisation.

Items, Currencies, & Terminology

On InfinityNest, you'll come across custom items and currencies we've created which are used by players, especially in the trading house or market sections.
It can be confusing if you're not used to seeing them, so let me break down the basic and most common stuff:

I.C and CC

[Infinity Cash, or I.C] is the main, premium currency of InfinityNest.
It can only be purchased using real-life money on our website, and it can be used to purchase any items in the I.C Shop.
You can even sell [I.C] in exchange for Gold or other in-game items, but we ask that you practise general safety guidelines, as we aren't responsible with what you decide to do with your currency

[Community Cores, or CC] is a secondary currency which can be used to purchase items in the I.C Shop as well, but you are limited in your choices.
[CC] can be earned completely for free by doing content or partaking in other activities in-game!
Unlike the Official Server, [CC] points never expire.

Eternal Orb

Also referred to as [EO], it can be obtained by clearing content.
Its primary usage is for end-game cosmetics from the shop at [Pania].
It can also be used to as a currency to trade between yourself and other players on the server.

Infinity Voucher

Also referred to as [IV], it can be obtained by clearing content. By speaking to [Kelly], you can trade these for various Dragon Jades.

Draconic Fragment

Also referred to as [DF], it can be obtained by clearing content.
Considered an end-game currency, as it's used to obtain and enhance [Draconic Gear], which is the strongest equipment available on the server.
There is a big demand for [DFs], therefore you'll see most trade offers asking for [DFs] in exchange for specific items.


Our current end-game title. The stats they give are extremely good as they give Elemental ATK and Final Damage, however it costs x1 [Phantom Shard] to obtain.

(S/SS/SSS) Tier Weapon/Armour

These are our custom engravings. Similar to Dragon Jades, they attach onto your Costume pieces.
Each Engraving is categorised as Tiers, which is why you'll see A, S, SS, SSS, etc. For each tier, stats will increase at a linear rate.
The SSS Tier is the best Engraving to obtain, but it's also the hardest.
You will see players selling them, so you can obtain them that way, or try your luck by purchasing a [(Premium) Engraving Box] from the I.C Shop.
Also no worries, previous tiers lower than SSS Engravings can be upgraded simply by playing the game!

Fragment of Infinity

Also referred to as [FOI/Frags], this is the primary currency you'll use at [Pania] to convert to another item.
In this form, the item can be traded between other players.
However, once converted to [Phantom Shard], they are bound to your character and can no longer be traded.

Phantom Shard

This is the result of exchanging two [Fragment of Infinity] over at [Pania].
This item is used to exchange for end-game costume weapons and cosmetics at the shop as well.
The powerful [Artemis] title can be obtained here for x1 [Phantom Shard].

If you're still questioning the full usage of some items on the list above, that's okay! We'll explain them more, further down the Guide.

While we can't cover every single custom item, the following above are the most common ones you'll see. Now, let's move onto progression.

Early Game & Growth

The starter equipment you get from the pouch are strong, however, they cannot be enhanced at all. Here is the next progression step.

You'll want to obtain the entire Set below and have a goal of enhancing every piece to +13.

Planet/Meteor Ranceia Set

This is the first set you'll want to go for, as it's the easiest to obtain.
Fortunately, we've removed the material requirements to craft the set. In order to craft any [Planet Ranceia] or [Meteor Ranceia] piece, you simply need one [Eternal Orb] to craft each piece.

If you have a friend or a guild which can help you, [Eternal Orbs] are extremely easy to come by.
They can be obtained by clearing pretty much any Lv.80 relevant content.

Keep in mind that the Planet variant is tailored specifically for [Physical ATK] based classes, while the Meteor variant is made for [Magical ATK] based classes.

Kairon Nest

It's time you begin slaying monsters and work on replacing those gear pieces with something better.
If you don't have a way to receive [Eternal Orbs] as stated above, you'll have to clear Kairon Nest.

We also recommend you don't skip this content, as it also drops other goodies aside from the [EOs]!

First start by heading to the [Garden of Eternity] area.

!! But wait a sec before going through the portal !!

See that glowing rock right in front of it? Go talk to it and receive your free buffs, which increases your character's attributes such as HP, Attack, etc.
Most beginners miss this crucial step.

Gear Enhancement

Congratulations on crafting either your Planet or Meteor Ranceia set!!
Now, let's go into the Enhancement system on InfinityNest so you can grow to your best potential.

Belin the Blacksmith

You can enhance any eligible equipment at him. Let's get into the nitty gritty details.

On InfinityNest, we have a 100% Success Rate on all items up until +8.
Epic, Unique, and Legend grade gears all have different chances to fail or break from +8 onward.
For example: Epic Grade items tend to not break or fail as easily, while Legend Grade items have higher chances to break, especially if you don't use any Jellies from +8 onward.

Item Protection Jellies

These items can be used to either protect your items from being destroyed or downgrading enhancement levels during the enhancement process itself.
There are two types of Jellies, Normal and High Grade versions.

You can obtain the Normal version by purchasing it directly from the shop at Belin for x10 [Eternal Orbs].

Please note that Normal Jellies have a purchase limit of 3 times per week.

You can only obtain the High Grade version by purchasing it using [I.C] from the I.C Shop.

Personally, when it comes to enhancing Legend Grade gears, I strongly recommend using Normal Jellies from +8 to +10, then switch over to the High Grade Jellies and use them from +11 to +13.
As Legend Grade items require an insane amount of Gold, you really wouldn't want to take any risks when enhancing, especially if it could downgrade, y'know?

Mid Game Crisis, Part I

Starting Out

Are you afraid of starting to do mid-tier content with your current equipment? Do you think you are rusty in this game? Or do you think you don't know anything about the class that you are playing? Worry not! In InfinityNest, we have Equalised Daily Quests! You don't know what that means? It means when you enter the dungeon for Daily Quests, your character stats will be a set amount, so your equipment and enhancement levels don't matter in here.

To start, go to the South Gate of Saint Haven

and choose Riverwort Wharf as your designated zone. Once you arrived in it, go straight into Isla Vilage Enterance that's located at the area which I've circled.

The 5 dungeons inside are your Daily Quests dungeons! You don't have to accept new quests or anything, I know it's kinda confusing because it says it's a Daily Quests but you don't take any quests to do it. But it's alright!
Because if you look beside your skill bar, you'll see this icon:

You can press the icon, click the Event section, and you'll see the window like above pops up.
We've tried our best to simplify things, so instead of taking each quests before you do the dungeon to receive the Daily Quest reward, the game will automatically register it as a clear in that Event section and the game will send the reward straight into your Special Storage! Very convenient, right?

Once you claim the rewards, which are Daily Points, go to your Character Profile, and press the button that I've circled to see how many Daily Points you have.

You could also click Apply so you can see your Daily Points whenever you open your Inventory window.

You're probably wondering, what's the usage of these Daily Points? Don't worry, I'm about to tell you right now.
So, go straight into an NPC called Chad

and choose Chad's Daily Shop. He sells a lot of useful goodies that you're going to need!
You could also save up and exchange those Daily Points for a Legend-Grade Wings/Tail/Decal!

The First Roadblock

....Amazing! Great job on getting your entire set AND enhancing it as high as you possibly can.
You have equipped all the Heraldries from pouches that you got when clearing Kairon Nest, and Dragon Jades that you go-- wait, what was that? Kelly is selling Quality Dragon Jades??? Does this mean the Dragon Jades you'vereceived from the random RNG pouches and have equipped aren't as good?

Well, to put it lightly, yes. They are significantly worse. Please keep in mind that those Jades are basically a stepping stone for your progression path, until you collect and save up enough [Infinity Vouchers] to buy the Quality Dragon Jades from [Kelly].

Don't worry, we'll wait right here until you get those Quality Dragon Jades.


Nice! Now that you've gotten your new Dragon Jades and equipped them, your Heraldries shouldn't be an issue right?
Wait, why are you inspecting random players and seeing them having random third-line stats?
Am you supposed to have them as well?

Well, yes.

This is one of the major gearing points of InfinityNest. Collecting all 3rd stats on all Heraldries is no easy feat. You need to have a mental fortitude of steel and a lot of motivation.
But I believe in you! You can do it!

Farm, Farm, and... Talismans?

In order for you to accomplish the goal above, you can either buy plates from players in the marketplace, or by farming them in [Volcano Nest] and [Kairon Nest].

These two will be your main farming nests, so you better get along with the bosses.
P.S: Labina from Kairon Nest is a very nice girl.

While farming [Volcano Nest], you'll come across these two specific items.

Aside from plates, you also need to farm these, as they are materials used to craft Rare Grade Talisman at [Belin].

Just like Herdalries, Talismans can also has a chance of obtaining an extra stat line when crafting, so you'll need to farm both Heraldries and Plates until you get all the extra line stats that you wish, and again, we know it's definitely not an easy task. Or if you want the easy route, just buy Talismans from other players.

Example of a Talisman with an extra stat line.

Now now, before you start crafting Talismans like a fiend hoping to get those 2nd stats, just stop and hear me out for a second.
DO NOT CRAFT Destructive or Mystical Talismans!!
Have you checked out [Kelly] yet? Because if you haven't, go ahead and check her shop right now.

She sells these babies:

From left to right, it's [Infinity Destructive Enhanced Talisman], [Infinity Mystical Enhanced Talisman], and [Infinity Ultimate Enhanced Talisman].

These are much stronger variants of the Rare Grade Talisman. And no, you cannot craft [Infinity Talisman], so spend your [Infinity Vouchers] on them!

Now, let's talk about the pricing.
It's x50 [Infinity Vouchers] for Destructive and Mystical talisman, and x150 [Infinity Vouchers] for the Ultimate talisman.

Okay, now that you've crafted the Rare Talismans and purchased the Infinity Talismans, the next step is to obvious equip all of them.

Congratulations! You are now ready, standing proudly with your full Planet/Meteor set, completed Heraldries and Talismans. It's certainly the best mid game ge-- yes, you guessed it right... it's not the best Mid Game set.

You'll eventually have to switch to [Comet Ranceia] gear set. It's essentially the Final Damage variant of the Planet/Meteor set.

There will be a significant damage boost with this set.
Let's talk more after a short break.

Mid Game Crisis, Part II

More Content To Do

On top of everything you already had to do/are still doing, there's additional instances that you will need to do, and they are called [Third Core Nest], [Trial Nest], [Weekly Task], [Cerberus/Manticore Nest (Lv.80)], and [Dragon Expedition].
Let's start in order.

Third Core Nest

This is content which allows up a maximum amount of 4 people in the party, including yourself.
By clearing this nest, you will obtain an item called [Third Core Coin].

After you get a few of these, head straight to [Diana] in Town. She has a lot of items which you can exchange for.

One of those items are called [Comet Fragment]. It's a crafting material you need in order to obtain your [Comet Ranceia] gear pieces.
Once you have enough Fragments, exchange them for gear pieces directly at her shop.

When you reach the End Game phase, you wanna use your [Third Core Coin] for stocking your Wellsprings that you can also buy in Diana

Weekly Task

Navigate into the same place as when you about to see your Daily Quest, but instead of choosing World Daily Tasks, you hop into the World Weekly Tasks instead!

Weekly Tasks contains run in most of our contents, and you need to do them in the expand of 1 week. Weekly Tasks are shared between your characters in 1 account, and the reward for it will be sent into the Special Storage instead of your usual Mailbox.

Each task in Weekly Tasks gives you a "bonus" amount of the main drop from each nests! check it out in game for more details.

Trial Nest

Oh, well, we only have [Volcano Trial Nest], it's a 4-6 player instance, which means you will have to find friends or a random party to enter the instance with. It's basically a beefed up version of [Volcano Nest], but with random Trials to increase the challenge.

Main loots for [Volcano Trial Nest] are Planet Ranchea Accessories and Comet Ranchea Accessories as well an exclusive item that only drops in VTN, which is called [Phoenix Ferocity].

You can also obtain [Phoenix Ferocity] at [Red Dragon: Memoria], but we'll talk about that way later.

You can trade these for Skill Jades at [Diana].

Cerberus/Manticore Nest (Lv.80)

This variant is the same nest that everyone is used to, just upscaled and has been modified a bit, but mostly stays vanilla. It's definitely going to be one of your Weekly Grind nests.
The reason is that it drops [Draconic Fragments], which is used in the End Game.

Let me also add that this nest is definitely not newbie friendly. Since it's basically a end-game farming site, when you're looking for people to group up, you are expected to have at least [Unique Red Dragon] gear, a decent set of Talisman, and of course, your [Pania Weapons].

Dragon Expedition

Now, this is a 2-man only instance. This means you cannot enter it solo or trio. It's either 2 or leave.
Similar to Cerberus Nest (Lv.80), it is also not a newbie friendly instance, so you definitely need Mid Game Gear and have knowledge of each boss mechanic to stay alive.

One of the main points of farming [Dragon Expedition] is for this lil thing here:

You need x10 of these to get a [Unique Expedition Necklace] from an NPC called [Sarasa].

The other incentive for farming DEs is for the [Expedition Heraldry].
You can only obtain those Herdalries in DE, or buy it from another player.
There are 4 types of Expedition Heraldries, they are: Offensive Heraldry, Increasing Heraldry, Source Heraldry and Resistant Heraldry.

Now that you're almost done with the Mid Game Crisis, it's time to step up to End Game Instances. Woo!!

End Game Instances

Congratulations on making it here! As we are primarily an End Game and Raiding oriented server, the content you'll experience in the End Game are all customised and tailored specifically to InfinityNest!
This also marks the start of a new difficulty called Extreme, or EX for short.

We definitely recommend joining a guild or making your own, and discuss strategies to take these content down.

Solo Challenge

As the name implies, it's a solo map, where you have to fight Krag the Typhoon. 1 on 1. As his HP gets lower, he will start becoming more aggressive. Make sure to learn his mechanics and dodge them all.

The main drop of this instance is an item called [Essence of the Storm], which is traded at Chad NPC for certain end-game items, some of which includes an Awakening costume set, a Legend Title, and more!

Ummanba's Revenge / Mino EX

This is a 4-man instance. Thought Minotaur Nest from 24 cap was a pushover? Yeah, we thought so too. This variant is a version of Mino Nest that no one knows about.

You don't want to enter this instance without having a proper team composition.
This means: x1 Tank, x1 Healer, x2 DPS. Otherwise, it will be impossible to clear.

The main drop of this instance is [Ummanba's Pauldron], which can be used to trade with [Diana] for Unique Grade Dragon Jades.

Rage of The King / Cerb EX

An 8-man instance, require a proper team composition and almost perfect communication and teamwork. This is where Avg. Item Level starts to matter a lot.
It's recommended to have at least an Avg. of 460 or above if you want to clear the instance.

RoTK drops a bunch of loot, and the main reward is called [Claw of the King], which is used to trade with [Diana] for Unique Grade Heraldries.

Another exchange option is to use it to obtain [Fragment of The King], which is used to upgrade your [Draconic Equipment] to +6 and beyond...

Red Dragon Nest: Hardcore

Our very own custom Hardcore version of Red Dragon Nest.
Experience never-seen-before mechanics we have to offer.
The Hardest and Toughest content that we currently have.
8-Man content, you are expected to bring x1 Tank, x2 Healer, and x5 DPS in this raid.
It has various loots, but the main drop from this raid is [Red Dragon Wrath] which is used to craft [Legend Grade RDN Gear], which is the current end-game of the server.